Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tutorial for T-Shirt Dress

Welcome to  White Wednesday,
I thought I would share this sweet little t-shirt dress I put together for my
grand niece, Keaton, she has a twin brother Atticus
and their  first birthday is this week.

I found a size 12 month white shirt at our local store,
It has little cap sleeves and a nice curve neckline,
Here is all the laces I found (after looking through about 6 boxes)

I must admit I had to kinda eyeball the proportions, the twins live out on the
east coast and I only see pictures of them, also remembering how
clothes used to fit my own children when they were little.
Anyway, I thought the shirt was a little long so I cut off about 3 inches,
I sewed the first layer of lace, a piece of 2 1/2 inch eyelet,
about 2 1/2 inches up from the new hem,
I did serge the new edge on the hem, when you leave the deep
hem under the lace, it gives it a nice weight and support to the hem. 

Then another 2 inch piece of antique lace on top of that,
when you sew on the second or third layer just lay the piece of lace slightly
above the first layer so when all the layers are sewn on they are not
a heavy thick  line of stitching, so maybe 1/4 inch apart of stitching lines,

Finally I sewed another piece of pale pink antique lace on top of
the second layer,

I found some tiny baby eyelet that I sewed on the collar and sleeve edges,
make sure when you are sewing the non stretch lace on that you slightly
pull and stretch the t-shirt fabric using a larger size stitch also, so
when the shirt is worn the lace will stretch with the movement of the shirt.
I  made little roses for embellishment and a little headband to match,
I also took a pair of little white socks and sewed some lace on the top,
ran a pink ribbon through the lace and tie in a bow,
sorry I don't have a picture of that,

Sent the package, keeping my fingers crossed it will fit,
I found some little toys for Atticus, couldn't think of anything to make him
quickly, anyone have ideas for boys? I remember it was always easier
to sew for my girls then for the boys,

I'm sure many of you have made t-shirt clothes, so maybe this will
give you a new idea or helpful sewing tip,

That would make a fun blog party, show your t-shirt projects!
Yea, I'll get right on that!, I barley had time to put this together, Ha!

However, I would love to host a blog party/giveaway someday, I never have and not quite sure how
to do it, may be asking some of you for pointers on how to put this together,
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I am linking to Kathleen, at Faded Charm,
Thanks so much for stopping by, have a blessed week,