Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shops within a Shop

Just thought I would show some of the beautiful spaces in the antique mall
where I have my shop. This first picture is my space, The Victorian Tailor.
I sell antiques, my vintage lace clothing, my felted wool mittens, hats and scarves.

This arbor is a piece of vintage lace that I draped with wire, I used to use
a pine garland. However I got tired of the dark green, so this last February I
had an idea to hang the lace. At Christmas time I hang my handmade ornaments,
throughout the rest of the year I hang seasonal ornaments. This is all set up for
Valentines Day.

This is one of our Shabby Designer's space.
Jamie sands, paints, designs her Shabby furniture collection along with
other vintage pieces.
Love her Shabby chair with the Paris upholstery.

This is a new booth, Deb from " Natures Whims" took on another space and
devoted it to all nature, and garden items, She calls it the
"Sanctuary"!  I could put a comfy chair in this space and live here!

Deb also Shabby's her pieces she finds to sell.
This booth uses blues, brown's, gold, cork, stone,wire,
dried flowers and feathers, all natural materials.

I had my eye on this molding painted the blue,
it sold the next day,

                                                                         Cute little blue ceramic snail,

This goldish, tan, ceramic Fleur des Le!!!!
I had to have it! 

Even these gold heavy bells for the yard, so pretty in this space,
and they make a great sound.
Now I'm thinking I should change the theme and colors of my space,
oh, my body aches just thinking about it, guess I'm not quite
up to the task just yet, ha,

Well if  I do decide to change it, I will be sure to let you see
what I end up with, until then I will be resting in the