Thursday, March 13, 2014


Hi Everyone,

  I did remember to take before and after
pictures of this little vanity bench I shabbied for my shop.
I think this is actually the bench that went to the set I had when
I was a teenager, the set I sold a while ago, the bench was
buried in the basement,

I used an old piece of kitchen toweling, some new upholstery braid,
an old mattress pad, and more old toweling (huckcloth) for the backing.

Aqua is such a popular color right now, however not my favorite,
When I first moved in my house some 38 years ago the kitchen
was all decorated in this aqua, I think it was left over from the 1950's.
I lived with it for about 2 years before I was able to redo it,
 so have always been kinda sick of the color. 

The vintage towel had already been cut shorter so I used some
more left over huckscloth that I had and attached to each side.

I think I need to sand the legs a little more to make them more shabby,

This is the under side, I had to add a piece of cloth to the ruffled edge
and  just made it fold over, added left over ruffle fabric for ties,
I think it turned out cute, hope someone else thinks so too,

Just got a call from my daughter about her visit to the doctor with my grandson,
he has the croup, nasty stuff, 2 of my four children (one of the 2 being his mother)
were in the hospital with it
when they were toddlers, the other 2 had it but not as bad, Daniel
sounded ok today, so sounds like she got him in at the early stage, my
daughter is sick too, this will not be a fun night, told her to call me
at any time throughout the night,  boy, does this bring back memories, ha,
I am sure they both will be fine,
I think we grandma's worry the most, now I know how my mother
must have been feeling back then!
Well at least we have unusually warm weather here, no snow to fight with,
Hope you all have a good week,
Thanks for stopping by!

PS:  Here is my back room, or mud porch, this will be a future
I can see it in my mind, can't wait to get started on it, see if you can imagine what I might do
and let me know!