Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Whites Transformation

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my White Wednesday!
When I first started entering White Wednesday, I was determined to enter
every week, and did for a while, now I am lucky if I post once a month, anyway,
I am not ignoring anyone, just trying to fit it all in, as we all are,
So, here are some fun things I have done over the last 2 weeks,

Don't we all have odds and ends of silver or silver plate utensils?
I mean this is the stuff that won't sell in my shop or that the kids want no
part of, am I right? Well I happen to think it is gorgeous and find myself wondering
who held and used this 100 years ago, especially if their initials are engraved on it!
In my mind I have wonderful, romantic adventures thinking of  ladies in white dresses,
Victorian picnics, etc., (guess I need to get out more), 

So, I polished it all up, took out the boring stainless from my silverware drawer,
and here it is, I now use it everyday! Did you know that when you use it
it does not tarnish? , it is very easy to take care of, so although my grandchildren may not have been born with "silver spoons in their mouth's", they are now eating with
 "silver spoons in their mouth's" , their parents should be so impressed!

Here is a grouping of items waiting to be "shabbified" ( I think I just made up a word)

Here's the little doll bench, from Goodwill, 99 cents,
                                              This little doll rocker has been shuffled around the house
                                        for at least 20 years! I made a brocade pin cushion for the seat
                                                        Same with this little doll table,

                                                 I painted the top with chalkboard paint,


On this little wall shelf, I glued some lace on the back
opening, and then glued one of my fabric flowers in the middle,
I do not have the green box thing done yet, I guess it is a wine
bottle holder, also from Goodwill for 99 cents, so hopefully I will
get it done soon and show another time.

This is a scarf, shawl, or belt I made out of
antique lace, decorated with mother of pearl buttons, more
antique lace and satin ribbons,I have all these items, (except the silver) for sale in my shop
The Victorian Tailor, in The Maple Street Mall, here in Mason, MI.

Finally, when I went over to my daughters to stay with my grandson, she had
this beautiful arrangement on her mantel, it has a  Valentine theme
and reminded me of the light  from the full moon tonight She has a seascape theme because she lives on Cape Cod part of the year and the starfish are the X's  and the sand dollars are the O's forValentine kisses! Those baby shoes were her's also. Thanks for stopping by, I am linking to Kathleen at Faded Charm,  http://www.fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com/

Have a Happy Valentines Day!