Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scrapbook Class

Time once again for another craft class. This time I offered the brown paper bag scrapbook/photo album.
Same rules as before, food, drink and the number one rule: "What Happens at the Craft Class, Stays at the Craft Class"!
This is my garden scrapbook I made several years ago with grocery bags, it holds everything pertaining to my gardens.

So with this in mind, here are some of the fun highlights of the afternoon.

This is one of the pages, with pictures, pockets, etc.

First students to arrive, Gail, Laura and Denise

Gail is cutting out images from a reproduction victorian calendar to decorate her pages with,

Using the images Gail patiently cut out created beautiful results for the front cover and pages of her book,

Laura's book has decorative paper covering the pages which gives her book a beautiful effect, she can fill in later with other graphics and photo's,

Jamie has put together several layers of large and small bags, giving a lot of dimension to her book, and in these two photo's she is getting her leopard print ribbon ready to use as a decorative tie to open and close her book. Then using old music sheets, an Ostrich feather, raffia twine, and of course it wouldn't be a Jamie design if there was not

GLITTER, "Oh, ........ so much Glitter"!

Here is the whole group together picture, I think someone is telling someone else that because they
didn't participate (just came to hang out with us fun women) in the class correctly they are not eligible to pass the class!

I'm just saying....... however the pointed finger does kinda give away the guilty one,

Ummmmm............... a delinquent! non-conformist in my class!

I say the more the merrier! I am always glad to spend time with all these wonderful women.

Well, spring is not far away now, could be a lot of pretty things to make, so I will have to come up with more fun things to do.

Until next time, sharpen your glue sticks everyone!