Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I hear the salt trucks driving down the street, afraid to look out the
window, doesn't sound too good out there, maybe by the time
I get on the road whatever it is like will be cleared up!
Just thought for this Valentines Day I would just post some
pretty's in my shop,

I am sending you all a Valentine, well in a picture anyway,
I made these large paper Valentines with vintage sewing pattern tissue,
antique lace, charms, tulle, and pretty tags,

These are forgotten, left behind little cream pitchers, I turned into
little pincushions,
I stuffed them with fiberfill and secured them to the top of the
creamer with a band of upholstery trim,

I think they are so sweet,

This unusual navy blue bird is Nippon,
I put navy blue velvet on this pincushion,

This is a hat and fingerless mitt set that I made with felted wool,

Ok, I have had my coffee, it is light out now
I will be brave and look out the window now! ha....ha.....

I wish you all a blessed day,