Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Victorian Holiday Party

Here is the story of our "Post Holiday" party with the fellow female vendors from The Maple Street Mall.
We all gathered at Alison's beautiful Victorian home for food, drinks and a "White Elephant" gift exchange.

This is the fourier, with a big beautiful tree The formal dinning room with all the goodies everyone to share,
Here are some fellow party animals, I mean vendors,

Alissa, Deb, Jamie, Annie and Georgie, aren't they gorgeous! .

The one of many fireplaces in the family room,
After the food and drinks we all drew numbers from the basket for the gift exchange

Jamie drew number one so she was the first to start

Here is Kristen, and Carol opening her gift that she chose,

Now, here is Deb taking the gift that Carol opened,
The rules are you can take a gift from someone up to 3 times, so this is number one time,

Here is Kathy taking the gift from Deb, that was taken from Carol,

And finally here is Delores, however look at the person behind Delores, with the smile on her face and sitting behind. This is Teresa and she took the gift that Deb took from Carol, that Kathy took from Deb and finally Teresa took from Kathy!!!! Yes, so this gift was snatched, (inside joke) three times!
This is soooo funny, the gift happened to be the one I wrapped. A pair of my felted wool mittens . Thanks everyone, I didn't realize you liked them so much enough to fight over them!

Georgie had her gift taken by Delores,

Barb opening her gift, Annie's decorative plaque she opened, odd, no one wanted to take this.

Poor unsuspecting Georgie, new to the vendor party's, picked out the gift with the dreaded "Lox's Serving Platter" in it. This is the third time this has been passed at our party's, and probably won't be the last!

Carol, Kathy and Annie, and another pretty little tree, Elaine opened some great cook books!

Delores, Allissa, Teresa and Alison,

And you know how you never want to be the person that comes out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoes or heaven forbid your pantyhose? Well, poor Jamie was crawling around with ribbon stuck to her shoes and she didn't even know it, to this day I don't think she realizes it, it was just too funny to say anything, had to get a picture of this, guess she will find out now, sorry Jamie, just couldn't resist! Love you!
At the top of the staircase, A view from the piano room and pocket doors

A pretty tree in one of the bedrooms, Jamie and Alison at the back door,
As you can see we all had a wonderful time in Alison's warm and inviting home. We are very fortunate to have an outstanding group of talented and caring women at our antique mall. We are not only merchants and vendors, but thanks to Deb and her staff, we are friends and just love to come in and hang out there too!
Thank you again Alison for opening your home to us.
And don't forget to always....................................,

Blessings to all,