Friday, January 20, 2012

Back To Basics

Hello Everyone!

I have been guilty of  non blogging!!!
Anyone else out there? Between the new year arriving, my daughter and grandson returning to Michigan, getting tax's ready, and items ready to sell in my shop, and my obsession with the newest computer gadget or program,  PINTEREST!!, I have seriously neglected all of my blogger friends and blog postings. I don't even have my Chritmas decorations put away yet! Time to get back to basics and pay attention. Has anyone else experienced this?
With Valentines day coming up I want to post some fun Valentine things and just need to get it out there.
So I guess this is my way of getting back to reality! 
To start here are some  pretty Valentines I have made and are now in my shop for sale.

I put up a lace garland and now hang my ornaments on this instead
of the dark green pine garland, just thought the lace was brighter
and prettier for the Valentines season

I made cornucopias with vintage sheet music
and vintage sewing pattern tissue, then embellished with antique
lace and charms

I draped the arch in my shop space with about 7 yards of
tulle and antique lace, I have Faerie lights in it now, pink,
will get a picture of that for the next post,
Here are my fingerless mitts I make from felted wool sweaters,
I also make full mittens, socks, scarves, the fingerless ones are so
popular now,
Sure feels good to be blogging again, maybe this will spur me on to
the Christmas decorations now, ha,
I will keep you all posted or guess I should say Blogged?
Take care

Take a look, she has been published in Romantic Living!