Friday, December 9, 2011

Frantic Friday

Sitting here on the couch this morning drinking my coffee, watching the national news
planning my day, checking my emails, blogs, web sites,
and the more I check and tune into the more I am having a
"Frantic Friday" moment. Soooooooooooo much to do yet.

I sciped with my wonderful daughter Elizabeth, and grandson Daniel last
night and she reminded me how this time last year we were stranded for 2 nights off I 90,
while driving back to Michigan after a beautiful Thanksgiving on Cape Cod,
(in Sam's beautiful barn he and his Dad built) ,
in a little town just 10 miles down the freeway west of Buffalo in that awful snow storm, she did a masterful job of driving ( with baby and nervous mother) and getting off the exit ramp just in time!

Packages to get in the mail, cleaning, baking,
Getting house ready for my youngest to be here next week
from Vermont,

Merchandise for the shop,

Alterations and sewing done,

Decorating the house, 
And the "Tree", luckily I had my sweet little helper Isabella to help me!
A little piece of a branch fell on the floor, she picked it up delicately and put it back on
the tree, so sweet, she doesn't know that many more will fall before I am done.

Her daddy Nathaniel, did all the heavy work,
I usually have my real tree, purchased, in the house the day
after Thanksgiving, do not go out and cut them myself anymore, so
buy the fresh ones from the local hardware. My son picks it up in his truck
and brings it in the house for me. Don't know what I would do without his
help!!! It was even more special, because this time last year he was in Iraq.
So far I have the lights on, think I will start putting the ornaments on
tonight after I get home from the shop,
while "Frosty" is on tv. Oh yea, and maybe a glass of wine?
Awww, I am feeling better already!!!!