Monday, August 1, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain

Heat and humidity, drought conditions, then 2 days of thunderstorms, equals "Flood"!!

Oh, it could be a lot worse I know, however when you are self employed on a shoestring, it is

So here I am 3 days later and water still coming in,
I live next to the  creek that runs through town and it is a flood zone. 36 years ago the water came in up
to the top basement step, had to evacuate, (long story)

Have missed everyone, have not been blogging, hopefully will have all this cleaned up soon, so tired of hearing that sump pump click on, but at least I have a sump pump to come on, there is always a
better way of looking at things,

Of course if you don't know the area these pics don't really
show the devastation, creek running over its bank onto the streets, and
into my basement,
Just a few things from the basement, I always use these
old jeans for water that comes in, however even these were not
enough this time to mop it all up,

                                       Not quite White Wednesday, ha, sorry bad joke, however you
                                      can see the little chairs I have been trying to get done in "shabby"
                                            Hopefully I will be back next week, with fun stuff,
                                             intill then, Happy Blogging everyone, miss you all,