Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last of Summer Whites

Lughnasadh is the season of the Sun King Lugh, and unfortunately
means the time has come for harvesting and gathering for the
coming winter.
Here are some of my last summer whites for the season.
Who says we can't wear white after Labor Day?  This was a strict rule
growing up, although now that my business centers around cotton white
I think I will change the rule!!!!
So, these will not be my last Summer Whites, I will manufacture,
Autumnal Whites, and Winter Whites!!!! Ha! Ha!
After all the Victorians wore whites year round, oh yea, I guess they didn't
always show where you could see them, it actually was considered quite
scandalous if your whites did show, so I will have to fix that,
hence, my year round whites!

Cotton, with a little rayon dress,
Antique lace yoke with ribbon drawstring.

Close up of antique lace yoke, sewn little antique pearl
buttons at each lace point, so cute!

Vintage and new cotton ruffle satchel, antique lace and
antique pearl buttons sewn on.