Monday, July 4, 2011

Stars and Stripes Forever!!!

This is a crazy busy week,  I am not going out of town,
however, somehow ended up scheduling appointments, work etc,
So looking forward to doing nothing on the 4th except
watching our towns parade and seeing the fireworks.

I made this soft sculpture kite for my oldest sons side of the room he shared with his
younger brother, his side was military red, white, blue, and his brother
red, white and blue trains, (hmmm, no wonder they both
joined the National Guard?)

Flowers from my garden, red Bee Balm, blue Larkspur, white Larkspur and
white Hhydrangea

These are holiday cornucopia's I make for every holiday and sell at my
shop, these are for the 4th of July, made from vintage wallpaper, the stripe is
left over from my oldest son's side of the bedroom he shared with the youngest son.

Close up of favors, I pasted the two different papers back to back, then rolled into
the cone, the stripe was vintage when I used it on the wall's even
back in the 70's, and the other with the crest's on them is 1960's,
left over from my mothers kitchen walls!!!!

I have fun giving these away for little gifts, as well as selling them,
you can fill with candy, toys, flowers, etc.

Have a safe and fun 4th of July everyone, see you next week,
I will have my shabby white mud porch reveal, and other fun stuff,
Blessings to you all,

This is also a great holiday to say Thank You to all our servicemen, and women
and their familys for your service to our country!!!!