Tuesday, July 5, 2011


                                 Decorating the float was quite a challenge,

                        The sides were not as tall as we thought they would be, and
                didn't seem to be much space to hang our banners on, however after some
                    consideration, we tried to find another trailer at this late hour, ( 4pm,)
           However we would need to be at the high school parking lot by 7pm, plus everyone
                    still needed to go home,shower, makeup, get dressed, it was a little tense,
                    Our fearless leader, Wendy, Queen Mum, decided to use the existing trailer
                  and as you will see, we all pulled together, and apart, to finish the task at hand.
                                                           Wendy and Sally hanging fringe


                                                      "Umm...Hey, this is drooping, need tape here"


                                                   Gail setting up furniture and tea cart,
                                                              For the Royal Tea,

                                          "Do you think this Fascinator makes my butt look big?"

                                                  Chris arriving to help Linda,


                                           Little Emily adjusting, a train of tulle with tin cans, and a pair of
                                           Leopard skin slippers?, to drag on back of float.