Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!!!

Here is our wonderful sponsors, 
Notice the name of their company is Royal and they have a crown as a logo,
(I know...... so clever,)
Neil, his wife and his two adorable grandsons, who also
carried our introduction banner!!!
Rumor has it that the local teen girls watching the parade thought they were pretty cute!
Mason is a small town and word gets around fast,
Yea, we know how to get attention to our cause!

Mason is a farming community, so as you can see we have some
75 tractors to compete with, this is why we let them go ahead of us,
we find that our fans look forward to us arriving at the end of the parade,
just before the local police car, yea, kinda like Santa Claus.

Hanging on as we take off for the parade route,

One last kick before the show!!!
"Break a Leg!"