Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Public Awaits our Royal Arrival

Here we come into town, the streets are full of our adoring fans!!!

Driving by the local 5 and 10 store, Keans, known throughout Michigan for their
distinctive gifts, toys, fabrics and other treasures,

Now in the next block, the downtown deli, it used to be 
Dart Bank, as you may tell by the name, now they store fine wines for sale
in the old vault! 

Here is our beautiful Ingham County Courthouse, Mason is the county seat,
the capitol of Michigan is Lansing, in the same county, just north of Mason,
My town reminds me so much of the movie "Back to the Future" especially
because of the clock tower, which does strike every hour day and night,
it is very reasurring to hear the chime on the hour and half hour, especially
in the wee hours of the morning,
Hugh Jackman shot a movie here July, 2010, the name of the movie is Real Steel,
it will be released the December 2011,

Coming around the final corner,

Sadly heading back to the high school to pick up our cars,

Beautiful Faith, Wendy's daughter, part of the strike the set crew,

Trailor empty, so sad,
Well there is always next year right?
We can have lots of parties, oh, I mean,
 4th of July Float planning committee meetings between now and then
Wooo Hooo!!!!!!
Michigan can have awful long wintiers, you know!