Friday, July 15, 2011

Native People's

I love, love Native American history and culture.
The first time I attended a Pow Wow I was overcome with a sense
that I had been here before despite the fact that I had never knew such events
took place and the fact that the only exposure to native history had been way
back in 8th grade. Here I was in my late 30's and the feeling you get came over
me that I had been here or had participated in this before!
Yea, it was really powerful, so ever since I have devoted time to read and learn of
these people, and I am inspired to design my  lace clothing around the influence
as well.

Along the banks of the Grand River, Lansing Michigan

A member of the Little Traverse Band, Ojibwa Tribe, Traverse City MI.

Traditional Dancers

Inter- tribal Dance
I will share more pictures later,