Friday, July 8, 2011

Mason, Michigan, Garden Tour

I am on the Mason Historical Society Garden Committee.
This is my friend Jim;s garden which is one of 8 on the tour this Saturday, July 9, 2011
This monk was carved out of an existing tree trunk on his property,

Jim also used trees from the property to bulid this bridge,
Then he painted on slate Dutch Hex and Celtic designs,

All of the plantings on his property are indigenous to the surrounding,
and yet as I have found with  un-altered nature, is that even a "term"?
What I mean is, if you just leave plants to grow where they will somehow
nature knows exactly where to put them!!
So it  is with Jim's garden,
I have surrendered my garden's to the same effect, and I have also learned
I have "less", yes less, work to do in the garden beds because of this,

Why does man have to get in and rearrange, mulch, spray, pull, spade up,
virtually destroy what the universe, nature is creating?
People, people, you make so much work for yourselves!

No mowing, no weeding, let them be!!