Sunday, July 3, 2011

              As we left the market, we walked the surrounding streets, and on every corner were

                          musicians, flowers, more vegetables, crafts, and items for sale,

My grandson Daniel loves music and the drummer was kind enough to let him have

                                                       a try at creating his own music,

Aunt Janet bought 2 boxes at 3 dollars each!!!!! I know, right?

               We had so much fun all together, however it was so hot, as we walked the couple
                      blocks back to the cars, we decided to head back to the house, have some
                     lunch, and relaxed in the air conditioning, and those tomatoes, bread, cheese from
                                                our shopping were delicious!!!

This was my great find for the day, old burlap bags for 1.00 each,
Can you imagine the things I could make with these, now I am thinking I
should have bought more, but it was so hot and we had a way to walk, and just
didn't want to walk with extra packages,
So any suggestions for the bags?

As you can see, it was a wonderful ending, (no punn intended) for

                   Daniel and all us cousins, Aunt Janet and I live 100 miles north of Detroit,
                  so it really is not a bad drive down, I hadn't been right downtown Detroit in quite
                       a few years, so was fun to see how wonderful it is looking,
                     Always great to be with family to share and reminisce of old and new times too!
                               Thanks so much to Rick and Renee for their wonderful hospitality,
                                                Have a Happy Forth everyone!!!!!

Going Home

                                          Don't forget to check in on tuesday for the adventures of
                                         our 4th of July celebration, my friends and I
                                          are gearing up for our float in the parade.
                                                              See you all then!