Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Girls Excuse to Party, uh, I mean float planning committee

Here are a few members of our 4th of July float planning committee,
Wendy, our Queen Mum, (slight hint) and our event planning specialist,

                                                                   and Judy,
                        obviously making plans, (not necessarily for the float, bless their hearts)

Chris, our resident artist, help me cut this out, then I spray painted it,
ummm, now what should I do with this, it is my web store logo,
afterall,   ummmm.......

I made this wire frame, with shinny tulle,

This is some cutout paper that I have, thought it might be nice for
the craft we are doing,

Wendy loves leopard print, and wanted a bird made out of the card stock paper,
so Chris helped her trace and cut,

Ummmmm, What should we do with this?
asked  Chris....., like we should know?