Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gathering of supplies for the 4th of July Parade Float!

All of "The Victorian Tailor Girls" came to my house with crafting
supplies they thought might be of use for making of our
outfits (as will later be revealed) for our 4th of July float.
When we have get together's like this, we really are never sure just how
much work we can get done, between the laughing, eating, drinking, blogging and
texting going on, however we really do have good intentions and
somehow manage to pull it all together,
These are some talented ladies, and what one doesn't think of the other
So, starts the 3rd year float extravaganza, I am laughing now
just writing this!!!

velvets, tulle, ribbons, straw hat frames

Found some black roses, gold trims

Chris brought some medium gauge wire,

I had glue guns ready to go,

More wire this time copper, very easy to work with,

Tune in later with more of the adventure and pictures!!!