Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dressed and Ready to get on the Float

The two cuties, just observing the organizing before the truck pulls off,

Queen Mum (this is how we addressed her during the set up, because she is the
event planner) looking stunning,

Here is our sweet Emily, Judy's granddaughter, as our junior wedding guest
Isn't she pretty?, Just like Granny!


Sally, I don't think she would mind if I told you that she found this
dress at the Goodwill, "after" we made her hat, and the dress has the
same fabric as the fabric we used to decorate the hat!
Just a little trivia there.

OK, Chris is our artist, as you can see she has cards and a little toilet
on her hat,
"Royal" Flush!!!!!  She is soooooo clever!!!
That's why we let her hang with us!

Me, The Victorian Tailor, and the Fleur De's Le is the logo for my
I love this hat, will hang it in my shop!!!