Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wedding, Trading Spaces and Life

I am getting ready to go to a family wedding this afternoon. Yes, started getting ready yesterday after I was done at the shop. I was just so busy with the shop, no power, cleaning up after the power was back on, thinking about going to the wedding was not on my mind. No gift yet, not quite sure what I will wear, I am literally walking around boxes and projects for the shop in my house. I want to leave early to run errands and go to some Garage Sales, which I never get to do anymore.

Does anyone else have this much trouble getting out the door for the day, especially for an event?

My niece will be here from Connetticet, she recently had twins, wanted to make something special for the babies, didn't happen, well the 3 days without power didn't help and I am behind in all of my work.
I recently traded spaces at the antique mall where my shop is, that has taken me 3 days to trade and organize.

I feel so mis-combobulated!!! Is that even a word?

Oh yeah, I also have to run up to the shop on my way out of town to grab my Lacy ruffle bag, and one of my tulle and lace rose pins. (to wear with my outfit, I think)

Oh Geez! don't forget the camera, yeah better write that down, extra shoes, (for walking at garage sales)
Maybe I will find something for the babies and wedding gift at the shops I need to go to,

Anything else I need to do or write down?

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  1. Busy busy! Sometimes I just don't like retail business at all. It just consumes your life. Hope the wedding went well.


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