Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Victorian Whites

This is my latest attempt at "Shabbyness". I forgot to take "before" pictures,
however this little table was a neon navy blue!!!! ewwww! I only payed two dollars
for it, and I immediately thought how cute it would look if I "Shabbyfied " it! So
I am progressing to the world of "Shabby", don't you think?

This is a sweet little wicker doll chair, not old, just thought it was so pretty, so wondered
what I could do with it in a photo, put pearls and one of my lace tank tops with it.

This picture is so intriging, almost haunting, of a beautiful little girl, I found this at a garage sale
years ago, I always hung it on the Christmas tree, and then  put it back with another collection of
old photos. I always wonder what her name would be, who was her family, where is she from,
I think she may be about 5 or 6 years old in this photo. I feel like I am taking care of her sometimes.

My latest antique lace tank top. Love it on this old dress form against the brown color
and metal,
If anyone is interested in this tank top please go to my web store and use the email address to leave me 
a note. 
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