Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I finally finished my shabby chairs, made removable slipcovers from muslin and antique lace,
Then I took to my shop at the Maple Street Mall here in Mason. If they don't sell, I can always put them in my house, which I am slowly adding more and more "shabbyness" to.
Finally, I made two adorable hankie bonnets for my new twin great niece and nephew. If you have never made these, they are so easy to do and will attempt to explain how.
You just take a hankie and fold it in half then in half again. The decorative edge will be the part that frames the face, so tac the back edges together with a ribbon, then tac the two side corners with a ribbon long enough to be the tie for under the chin.
Here is the verse that I printed to go with the bonnets. You would just want to modify it to your personal names, I recopied it so it will be easier to read:

From Great, Great, Grandmothers(Ida)
keepsake box I found  a little hankie,
 With a stitch or two it becomes a bonnet for you,      
Perhaps to wear home from the hospital or on your Baptismal day,
Then carefully pressed and neatly packed away,
So then  on your wedding day, when you must have something old,
The stitches snipped becomes a wedding hankie to hold..

(The boy would give his hankie bonnet to his bride to be for the wedding ceremony.)

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