Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home At Last!!

We are expecitng my son home from deployment sometime next week.  You can imagine my surprise when as I was shopping, yes, of course where else, GoodWill, the phone rang and I saw it was my son, first I thought oh my goodness is he ok?  I answered and he sounded very close and happy! He called to tell me he was in the states! 
I instantly started tearing up and a huge weight was lifted from my heart and mind.  Here I am in the GoodWill store, took a moment to walk to the side of the store and sit on a bench, realize where he was and that he would be flying home to our state within a couple days!  Just in time for fathers day and his two year old daughter and  his "Saint" Wife. 
Did I ever tell how much the family's also sacrifice when their spouse is deployed? Well, is it huge and at times very difficult to keep it all together. Thank the universe, God, Goddess  for his safe return and the strength of his wife this past year.
Soon we will have a celebration with all the families, for my sons return and to acknowledge all men and women serving our country!!