Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goddess Gift Giving

Goddess Sally looking very elegant,

Now for the gift exchange, apparently with a white elephant gift, anyone can
take and trade the gift they opened if they see something they like better,
This kept happening, especially to poor Goddess Jamie, after the 3rd "snatching", as
Head Goddess I had to intervene and make a rule that you could only take and trade twice
per gift opened!

Here is one of the first gift exchanges, looks like someone is getting ready to
snatch it away!!!!

One of the gifts, a sweet little Faerie perched on a candle holder,
actually the person who opened this, immediately hid it under her chair so no one
would snatch it away, and it worked, everyone forgot about it in all the gift confusion

Another gift being opened, as everyone looks on trying to decide if they might want to
snatch it away!!!
Oooooh! someone opened a Flamingo!
This is the coveted Angel Faerie, that was first opened by Jamie and snatched from
her 3 times!!!!! I don't remember who ended up with it, but they are out there
somewhere, so beware who ever you are!!!!