Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cornucopia Party Favors

Here are my party favors for guests to take home with them, they
looked so pretty hanging in the branches,

Fold corner in to make square ( two squares in this picture)
Cut across and down middle of straight edge,

Roll till in a cone shape, I like the pointed back edge, however you could
just cut it even all the way around,

I dug up one of my hostas that needed thinning, soak in a tub of water for
about an hour, this way the roots are easier to separate,
I shredded some newspaper, put in clear food storage bag, pour some water in
the newspaper absorbs the water, set the Hosta root in the paper, tie up tight
with the twist wire, you don't need to put too much water, just enough to keep the
roots moist, and so water doesn't leek into the cone

Fill the cornucopia with the plant, the Solstice Pesto recipe, the paper
with info about the Summer Solstice, and finally a star ornament,
I hung all 24 of the cornucopias in various trees and shrubs in my garden,
for everyone to take off the branch and home with them when the leave.

I printed a graphic of what I thought Goddess Danu might look like,
cut out and glued to the cone, cut punch holes around cone and wove in seam tape ribbon,
around and then another length for the hanger.

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