Thursday, June 23, 2011

Annual Summer Solstice Party,

Two more days to my annual Summer Solstice party. June 25, 7pm. Fellow Goddesses converge in my magical Faerie Garden for spells, magic, and fellowship. I have been gathering garden supplies and making presents to present to my guests. Every year the event morphs into new special events. This year I have added a "White Elephant" garden gift exchange. We will see what clever and funny objects people will come up with. This is a wonderful group of confident, strong women who attend my party and I am always renewed for the rest of the year by their presence. Here is the invitation, which gives you an idea of what we will be up to, he,he, !!

Goddesses of the Realm, join the Faeries in a celebration for the
Summer Solstice. Please bring a toadstool to sit upon, bad Faerie spray,
your own special brew from your cauldron to drink, food to share.
This year we will do a “White Elephant” garden ornament to exchange
if you would like to participate in that. Look through your “Book of Shadows”
for a spell to cast as well, we will anomalously read aloud.

"I am one with the Goddess and open to her Wisdom"

Perhaps another time I could have  a Summer Solstice Blog Party, then I would be sure to be
able to include all of you wonderful bloggers out there. Anyone interested? This could be a lot of
fun!  Hummmmm, now I am really intrigued with this idea, will let you know how this develops.
If any of you are in the area, stop over, would love to meet you in person!