Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paper Whites

Bloodroot has blossomed in my Faerie garden, a bigger bunch this year!!!!

A very medicinal plant, and it only blooms for about a week, grows low to the ground,
This is in my wildflower area, surrounded by wild Forget-me-nots, Trillium, Mayapple,
and violets, I could sit out there and dream all day!

Made this purse, all antique lace, antique pearl buttons, ribbons,

Will take up to my shop this week,

And finally had to get a picture of some of my Trillium just budding,
 should be open overnight for tomorrow
White lace and white flowers, so pure and simple, and so
decorative even though they are such a benign hue.
Here's hoping your White Wednesday is pure and simple,
I know I could use a day like that soon!!!