Monday, April 18, 2011

Civil War Anniversary

Joan, Julie and Pat
Laurie and Marie,  our camp cooks


On Saturday, April 16th,  Michigan kicked off the Sesquicentennial Celebration
commemorating the Civil War..
I am a member of the 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Co. B.
Our unit had an encampment at the museum grounds with various demonstrations.
Joan organized a fashion show, of course it rained and we all huddled under the fly of the tent
and told about the dresses we were wearing and Joan demonstrated the 7 layers needed to
wear under your day dress. Pantaloons, corsets, etc. As reenactors we are very accustomed
to inclement weather, so as long as we had our wool shawls, and sat together it was great commoradory.
A great way to kick off the reenacting season, and find out if you need to make adjustments to your
dresses after the long winter!

Gloria and Claire

Michigan Historical  Museum,  Lansing Michigan