Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Junk Bus Tour"

This is our "Cookie Extraveganza, and Percentage Off" weekend at the Maple Street Mall (, in Mason Michigan. We have a large following of devoted customers. This year we opened early for Scott from the "Southern Exposure Herb Farm, at This is the "Junk Bus" class. They start out early in the morning, get on the bus with breakfast and Mimosa's, served, then drive off and tour the many unique "junk" locations of mid-Michigan. Our mall was the first on the list. Here is a picture of our mall manager, Debbie, and all of the workers who came in early to help.  We all helped with items everyone found to buy, serving coffee and cookies, and wonderful conversation. This was a fun tour group and enjoyed having them here to start their tour with us! Here is another picture of Scott and Debbie as the bus tour was getting ready to leave. We couldn't believe they all got off the bus, purchased their treasures and were back on the bus to leave in one short hour. A great testament to Scott and his staff with the great  organization and classes offered at