Monday, February 14, 2011

Directions for Funny Valentine

I used red and pink fleece. Cut out heart, 4 lengths, (whatever size you want) of fleece, 2 for arms, 2 for legs, decorate the front, eyes, mouth, etc. I used net to make eyelashes for the girl, then sew ric rac over top of net ruffle. Tac on arms legs, fold inside, put bottom heart right sides together, sew, leave opening, turn out. Now stuff with fiberfill, and I cut apart a baby wipe bag for the crinkle sound. Smooth out the bag over the stuffing, on back side, put another layer of fleece on top of that if the color shows through. Sew opening shut. Cut the arms and legs into three strips, braid together, trim as desired, cut out 8 little hearts, sew back to back over ends of braids for hands and feet, this also sews the braid in place. Hope you can have fun with this.