Monday, December 20, 2010

Ballernia Skirt

Take waist measurement, for my granddaughter is is 20 inches, double that length of toole or netting, now 40 inches long, measure 18 inches wide, then fold toole or netting in half, this is the first fold or 2 layers, or 9 inches length when folded, (skirt length) or shorter or longer depending on the height of your ballerina. Just keep adding folds for extra layers. Top stitch bias tape on top (folded edge)for the elastic. Cut toole or netting layers as desired, Sew ribbon on first layer,then second, and any additional you may have. Thread elastic 2 or 3 inches less than waist measure,through the bias tape waist. I actually eyeballed the elastic, just made sure when I stretched it out it measured 20 inches. Sew up layers for back seam, then steam press, cool, gather small layers of toole with ribbon sewn on and secure for bow on skirt and hair piece.