Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Tea

Welcome to my Halloween Tea!!!! Thank you Frosted Petunias for putting this together. I have visited many of you who have signed up for the tea, and you are all so creative and interesting. This is my first blog party and hope to meet many of you through this party. Here are my posts and have many more if you go into the archive. It is a cloudy night here in Michigan, really hoping my "Vanish the Clouds" spell will work, I love to sit under the Blood Moon with my special Witches Brew!! Hopefully many more of you will visit and we can get aquainted. I have many crafts and sewing projects that I create, thought this pouch would be fun to do. I do not understand why my blog entries are not continuous on the page like other blogs. If anyone knows, please let me know. Have fun, I am going to other teas for a while, will be back later! Thank you for visiting, Celeste