Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Garden Love

We are having a beautiful summer here in Michigan,
not too hot, not too cold! 
My gardens are loving it!
Please join, 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Gypsy, BoHo

Gypsy Antique Linen Shirt,

Gypsy, BoHo, Tea Towel Vest,

Antique Mother of Pearl Buttons,

Antique Linen Ruffle Pockets,

Antique Linen Ruffle Collar,

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Mis-Matched Shabby Bohemian Birthday

My oldest of four children's birthday, Elizabeth  was on Fathers Day,
It has fallen on Fathers Day many times over the years,

So, I had a "Bohemian Birthday Brunch" on the front porch for her and 
son Daniel, What a Beautiful Day!!! Sunny, warm, not humid! 

I love antique mis-matched dishes! I have only a few of this and that,
I use these everyday, why not? better then in a box somewhere, 

Flowers from the Garden, 

Black, blue, pink, can you imagine what the set of these would have
looked like in the day? 

Pale pink border, 

Sweet little flowers, mis-matched silver utensils, 

Found these wicker hanging baskets from one of the vendors at the 
antique mall my shop is in, 5.00 each!!! Perfect for the wall of my porch!

So blessed to spend such a glorious  morning with my beautiful daughter, and her son,
on her birthday! 
Thank you Elizabeth, love you,

Lavender Garden Cottage