Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Clothing SALE !

A Merry Christmas Gift to You!
I am offering 30% off on all Victorian Tailor Clothing,
making way for our new Spring pieces! 
The discount code is Gypsy2014
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Thank you so much, hope you find something you like!

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Kitchen

I have fun decorating this wall in my kitchen for each season, 
the shelving are old boards, the bottom shelf is a board from the 
old barn on my dad's property  up north, the top one I think is from an 
old table, 

I have a set of 12 place settings of this china, my sister had the 
other 12, they are from my grandmother, we think she bought 
these from an estate back in the 1940's,
The red teapot is a vintage Hall,

Cup hooks and nails let me string things up for display, 

I made these door ornaments from some 12 inch long posts 
I found in the barn, painted shabby white, wired on trim,

Put an eye hook in the top of the post to hang,

This little egg beater was actually one from my kitchen set when 
I was little,

Grandmother Ida's cracker tin,, my iron from my play house 
toys, I could actually plug it in and it would heat up!

Original Christmas apron, have seen reproductions of this now, 

What do you do with all your different collections? 
I can't always have things out other places in the house,
however it is fun to have at least one place where I can see and 
appreciate some of the pretty things I have all the time!

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