Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Day Lace

Happy May Day!

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Lace among the Trilliums

Warm sunshine during the day, still cold nights here, 

May Day Cones to fill with flowers, candy or little gifts, 
Hang on someones door, ring the bell and run away
for a fun surprise. 

I made these cones from
 pages I have in a new publication about the garden.
            The book is in a diary form with the months, 
the book pages have a vintage look to them,

Antique lace around the top and dangling from  the front.
Vintage flowers, cut outs from the same pages and glued 
as extra little touches on the cones. 
I have them for sale in my shop

Beautiful Bluebells, 

Victorian Forget-Me-Knots, 

May Day Blessing's to you all!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

May Day Cones and Basket's

Happy Spring Everyone,
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I have had these little baskets floating around the house for a couple of years,
I don't have before pictures of them, 
however they were unpainted and a brown and tan typical basket color.

So first I painted them white, 

Filled them with straw grass, then some sweet little silk flowers,
and laced them with some antique lace, 
Finally I gave them a spray with glue and sprinkled white 
glitter on everything, 

Paper cones to fill with May Day flowers, candy or little gifts,

I used pages from an Herbal book, it is a reproduction of  garden and herbal
flowers and diary notes, 
Roll the page, glue, I cut out additional pictures from other pages,
or just the flowers, or a word, or a bird or butterfly, tie on a ribbon and hang 
on someone's front door, ring the bell and run away!

I love May Day's, my children would come home from elementary school with 
their handmade baskets, I would hear the front door bell, go to 
the door and hanging on the door knob would be their sweet 
little basket's! 

So don't forget to cheer someone up and hang your's on their door this season!

Have a warm and  sunny week!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Italian Shabby

I am having fun with this white wall in my kitchen. I have been changing it out to fit the season.
The shabby white/green board in front is my cabinet door, it fell off the hinge, actually 
the hinge ended up bending, I am constantly struggling to keep these cupboards door on these 
old cabinets, What we won't do to keep the beautiful vintage look right?

The story about all these little Italian Pottery pieces I have inherited is, that, they were brought 
to my mother and grandmother from my Great Uncle Bruno. When he came to this country from 
Italy, he stayed with my family for a while. I was 3 years old, so don't really remember. 

My Grammy gave me these pieces when I was 16 years old, 
(long time ago)

I can remember and see my mother having a cup of coffee from these dishes,
Oh, this was a lifetime ago!

I was given  this piece of vintage linen just a couple of years ago. 
Never noticed how much it resembles Italian pottery until I started putting all this together.

This teapot is not Italian. I found this just last week at Goodwill, cracked, chipped, rough,
however I fell in love with it. It is very old and English, hand painted in greens, and gold leaf, and the most charming design to me is the green Fluer de Les!!!

Vintage Hankies make my ice tongs into a towel holder!

Rummaged through the lace doily box and found these with a bit of aqua/green, 

Here is what the bottom of the sugar bowl says, I need to do some research on this,
Silicon China?  Verona design? Made in England? Ummmmm........

If anyone knows anything about this china please leave me a comment,
So until the next holiday, I will switch out the vignette again, for now hope you enjoyed
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Have a Blessed Easter Weekend!

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