Friday, November 9, 2018

Christmas Kitchen

Some of my favorite Christmas things...............
Vintage stoneware, 

My Dad's Prince Albert tobacco, he had this up at the stone house cottage,
always used it, guess the tobacco kept forever...........

Ida's (my grandmother) Cracker tin,

White Stoneware,

Google Eye's!
There was a 4th google eye cup,
one for each of my sister and 2 brothers,
sadly don't know what happen to the 4th one,

Old wooden box's I have had forever,

Sugar and Flour tin also at the stone house, one of my old thermo's
Ida's copper tea kettle,

This wooden dowel? Was once on the original front porch Gingerbread, found a box full  in the
Carriage Barn, Last year I painted some white for my Shabby Tree, this year I am using
the rest of them as they are with the original dark red color, 
Will have more Christmas later,
Have a Blessed week everyone,

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Remembering, on the Way Home, Kalkaska , Michigan

This far North for a "day" trip, 
Kalkaska, Traverse City , 

Grand Traverse Bay,

So many pumpkins, so little time,

20.00 dollars worth of pumpkins,
 (I have ideas and projects you know),

Acres of new Christmas Trees,

When buying your tree this year, you might be surprised to find it came from Michigan,
yes, even as far south as Florida,

On Sunday mornings it was so soothing to here the church bell ringing in all this wilderness!

Down the road to the old stone house,
where I spent my teen age days every 
summer when my father owned the property,

I spent all my summers here as a kid, then when I had my four children they also played on the 40 acres of white pines, oaks, maple's, thanks to my father who owned it for 40 years, the new owners have done many improvements, it truly was "Grandpa's Shack" before we had to sell, (he used for hunting and fishing) so no amenities, we had adventures, heard bears in the woods, saw wild animals, campfires, tents in the yard, building forts in the woods, amazing what can happen when you use your ingenuity and imagination!

Further down the road, the old swimming hole,
Big Manistee River,

Now homes built where we used to access the river and swim out to the little island,
This was also an old logging river,

Taking this same 20 mile long road 
to the freeway exit,

Modern day logger,

Full moon guides my way some 250 miles south,  on the way home,
Back to everyday reality,
Going "up north" was always a vacation, no phones, computer, tv, you felt and looked different for the few days you were here,
 I still feel it when I go "up".
I feel it when I leave too!  Bittersweet. I think if I actually lived up here it would not be the same, maybe?  Naw, I would still be in wonder love!
So for now I really appreciate the opportunity to get away!

Where are your old "haunts", 
getaways, memories?
Have a great week!