Saturday, September 19, 2015

Felted Wooly Orange Pumpkins

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Crisp and Clear,
This time of Year,
When Orange glows near,
On the Trees, in the  Fields, In the Pumpkin Patch !!, 

This Pumpkin Patch being old wool sweaters, 
Felted, Cut and sewn into Sweet , puffy Halloween Pumpkins!

I managed to save 6 original stems from some of my 
pumpkins last year, I dried over the winter, 

So then I was able to secure them into my Wooly Halloween Pumpkins
for this years season, 
So fun and so cute!

Tied on raffia, ready to sell,

These "Wooly's" with  browns, grey's and green tones in them
also have antique buttons sewn onto them,

How do your Halloween Pumpkins grow?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Somewhere in Time, Here We Go Again !

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary of the Civil War Muster,
at the Jackson Michigan Cascades Park, 
Host Unit the 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Co. B

Behind the scenes, setting up the "Dressmaker Shop"

Facade finally up, now we can get in and arrange items for display,  

Last minute fitting for the Military Ball, 

Beautiful Customers to the shop, 

Sweet faces, trying on the latest fashion bonnet, 

Ellyn and I on the porch, 

Young ladies hand in hand enjoying the day, 

If you are interested in more info for this event just go here:

Meanwhile I need to get back to packing the car
Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Garden Love

We are having a beautiful summer here in Michigan,
not too hot, not too cold! Lots of rain!
My gardens are loving it!
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Sedum's , Tall Feverfew, 


Japanese Painted Ferns

Purple Cone Flower

Black Eyed Susan

Larkspur and Painted Yarrow

Monarda, Bee Balm

Fairie Lights