Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween Fun

My Halloween Candy Cones this year, 

Fun arrangement of herbs and powders, 

My Spell Bottles this year, 

Decorated with antique lace, and charms, 

Tissue Paper Ornament, 

Antique Velvet Pumpkin, I make these with antique lace, antique silk toole,
antique floral leaves, and antique silk ribbons,

Have more to do, this season is going so fast,
How about you? 
Hope you can take some time for Halloween decorating and fun!

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wooly Orange Pumpkins

I managed to save 6 original stems from some of my 
pumpkins last year, they dried over the winter, 

So then I was able to secure them into my wooly pumpkins
for this years season, 
So fun and so cute!

Tied on raffia, ready to sell,

These "Wooly's" with  browns, grey's and green tones in them
also have antique buttons sewn onto them,

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