Saturday, May 7, 2016

Linen, Lace and Roses

From my daughter in Vermont! 
So Beautiful!!!

Wishing you all
Happy Mothers Day !!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Victorian Blue's

Gone to the Blue's on  my shabby kitchen wall,

One of my favorite sets of china, Forget Me Knot's!
Venetian Blown Glass my mother gave me some 40 years ago,

My Pussy Willows, in bloom a month ago, and of course
the wild Forget Me Knots in bloom now in my wildflower garden,

A sweet garden Faerie I bought from a fellow vendor at the Maple Street Mall
and a vintage milliner flower, from Ida, my grandmother,

A piece of antique lace,

Sweet delicate Forget Me Knots in the Venetian Glass bowl,

The taller Forget Me Knot is another type of flower I have called,
Victorian Forget Me Knot, it is a hybrid, the wild ones I actually
brought home from the river at the up north property,

Some of my Pussy Willow's, and this tea pot I found at Goodwill, I
am still scouting for the lid that may go to this,

Love this delicate flower and grey foliage,

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Cleaning for the Porch!

Happy Spring!
Thank you for stopping by,

White , simplicity, Spring, 

The time of year one of the first 
places around the house I can't wait 
to clean out is the back mud porch,

This sweet wash tub was full of recyclables, 
waiting till I could get through the snow
to take to my shop,

Dried evergreens were in the little bucket tin, 
and hanging from the hook, 

Found my little gift pouches, 

I Love to sit here in the morning with a cup of coffee,
now empty from newspaper, 

Where are the places you clean first for Spring?

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Have a Blessed Spring Season!
Take Care,