Friday, February 13, 2015

Kitchen Valentines

I have one wall in my kitchen I use for various dishes, or vintage kitchen items

 The shelf that these items sit on is an old barn board from the 
yard at my father's cabin up north, I left it weathered and unpainted,
so I made a muslin cover for it when I want to use white, 
 Vintage cookie cutters and ironstone dishes,
One of my grandmothers jello molds, 
A new pitcher with a vintage plastic or maybe celluloid fan, extra large 
cinnamon sticks, and floral picks with hearts on them, 
 A small vintage rolling pin, my children used and now my grandchildren love 
to use for playdoe, an old tin I use to pack up the Valentine cookie cutters, 

New tin heart, a piece of Gingerbread from the original porch of my house,
and, the vintage wallpaper border roll,
I have had this 3 foot roll, rolled up for 30 years,
I decided to unroll it and use as a banner, even though it is not a Valentine scene,
I still love the red!

 These old "ice tongs" used to lift the block of ice in the old icebox,
works well as a paper towel holder,
I have been switching it out every holiday with various linens, towels of the season,
These are vintage Valentine Hankies, 

An old potato ricer, put confetti Valentines in these little jelly jars, 
I have to tell you how I unrolled the wallpaper border:
As you can imagine it was rolled tight and somewhat brittle.
Before I opened it up I set it in a dish of lukewarm water for a few minutes,
then carefully unrolled it onto a kitchen towel,  I padded it down as it dried, 
I made sure it was laying down in the opposite direction that it wanted to roll,
It dried unrolled, it did want to curl a little bit, but not too bad,
I could still press it with some books before I put it away,  
As all of us bloggers do, we save
I have decided this year I will start using.
Wish me luck with that!!!
Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine Table

 So glad you came by to share my Valentine table!

This is one of my dinning room chairs, they have hearts cut out of the back,
I took this picture through the heart,

Love my collection of white ironstone, each  piece is different and
have found them here and there throughout the years,

Love to add the white twinkle lights,

Tin hearts I found when I worked retail, they aren't old but sure look like they are

A sweet friend gave me the vintage fan, and these are actual cards I saved from my
grandmother and mother when I was little, now that's "Vintage"!

A crocheted pineapple doily my mother made into a pin cushion for me years ago,

Just another version of my little round wicker table, Ice Cream Parlor chairs, actually
from my grandmothers restaurant back in the 1930's, I am saving the green paint patina,
now just put doilies or lace to cover them,

My favorite dishes, my mother gave me, I used to use these for Christmas morning
breakfast when my children were little, now just get them out once and a while,

 Valentine day flowers from a friend ,

If you all were here, I would give you a "Wooly Rose Pin" as your party favor!
Oh!!! What a great idea, leave a comment and  
I will put your name in a drawing for one of the roses!
I will draw this Monday the 9th, 

Have a great week! 

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